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New Program Launch

Building on operational and program capacity within a large, urban, tertiary hospital, Causey Consortium helped guide the launch of Level 1 cardiovascular services to Emergency Medical Service organizations. The program empowers paramedics to activate a Cath team from the field 24/7 upon identification of ST-elevation M.I., something few hospitals in North America allow. As a result of this program, patients now typically bypass the emergency department altogether and head directly to the Cath lab where a team, including an interventional cardiologist, awaits the patient’s arrival.

This program reduced symptom onset to dilation times by 50%, a level well above the national clinical standard. In addition to the clinical benefits to the patient, the hospital's Cath lab business grew by 10% above and beyond demographic growth trends in its first year. Perhaps the biggest testimony to the program’s business success and clinical value is the efforts of competing hospitals to launch their own Level 1 EMS program.

Market Research

Prior to embarking upon a 3-year strategic planning process for multiple service lines, an urban hospital asked Causey Consortium to determine what the community wanted of them. After helping the hospital articulate goals and objectives, Causey Consortium designed and implemented research methodology around constituency participation. Over a several month period, 1 on 1 or group interviews were conducted with 85 people from the constituency groups identified. Interviews were synthesized into a series of key findings, supported by verbatim statements captured as part of the process.

Due to the success of the research methodology designed and employed, the project was well received by multiple audiences including hospital administrative and medical leadership, holding-company executive leadership, and Hospital District leadership. The findings were described by audiences as "meaningful, honest, candid, and relevant." Combined with financial analysis and operational capability assessment, the findings helped inform and prioritize clinical focus areas in the hospital's strategic planning process.

Market Development Planning and Implementation

A large hospital system asked Causey Consortium to guide programmatic growth of their surgical services program. Working with executive and operational leadership, we developed and implemented a "discovery" process that analyzed all available data and included a series of 1:1 interviews and facility tours. After delivering a Findings Report that assimilated key issues and opportunities identified through the investigational "discovery" process, we collaborated with leadership to develop a 3-year market development plan that provided focus and clarity around strategies and tactics targeted at augmenting customer service, improving communication channels with clinic managers, care coordinators, and referral specialists, and working to influence referral patterns of referring physicians and regional emergency rooms. The plan was endorsed, fully funded, and launched by the organization.

With the success of the surgical services market development process, Causey Consortium was engaged to not only replicate the process with other service lines but also to guide and inform the plans' implementation.


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